Most important benefit of ranked choice voting

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Vote for your top choices by tapping on each in order of your preference. You can reorder them before submitting your vote.

Tap a choice below to vote.

Voter participation increases where it replaces a low turnout runoff.
Research shows that voters not only know how to vote in ranked choice voting elections, but like it. It’s simple for voters and proven.
We know ranked choice voting works as it has increasingly been used in elections in the U.S.
Saves time, money, and energy by eliminating the need for separate runoff elections.
It is truly nonpartisan.
Candidates can fully invest their resources in one race, in one election, with the greatest number of voters.
Two candidates whose values largely converge need not fear diluting their base as voters can rank both of them safely.
Candidates need to court voters who may rank them second or third so they typically avoid negative campaigning and run more issue-focused, honest campaigns.
Voters can vote their conscience and support a preferred candidate without fear of helping elect someone they like least.
The ultimate winner wins with more than half the vote, a majority winner.